Triple Gig Score!

We have three gigs this weekend, starting tonight in fact. Will any of you be venturing over to see us? Tonight we are playing at Bar Absolute in Hitchin. Bar Absolute may be more accustomed to DJ sets due to it’s nature, but a few months back the owners decided to give live music a whirl to great effect. If you’re looking for somewhere to go on a Thursday night and can get to Hitchin, it’s a pretty swish little bar to have a drink and listen to us play songs, improvise and banter about meaningless dribble. Then on Friday night we’re heading all the way to Bicester to perform at a pub called The Plough, alongside an acoustic set by the singer from Last Chance and our bassist featuring on acoustic, then the rest of the members of Last Chance will be performing with their new band Dirty Sweet Lies. Definitely worth the adventure to see three acts in one evening with no need to  buy tickets! Then on Saturday we’ll be returning to home soil, playing at The Bridge in Shefford. The Bridge is my local pub, since being taken over by the new landlord the place has become more and more of a music venue in it’s own right. Not only will we be sharing the stage this Saturday evening with Bedford based rock experience All Star Zero, we’ll be performing again a week later in Shefford’s own BRIDGEFEST. A christmas weekend of bands over two days, well worth a visit considering it’s a non ticket event!

Apologies for the recent silence in terms of updates, the majority of the band decided to all get ill at the same time. We’re good to go now though, and should have some updates soon in regards to our first EP.Thanks! – Phil.

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