SPACEGOAT is a band. An acoustic, bass and beatbox band based in Great Britain. Sometimes with keyboards. Serious music. Srsly. And they love to play.

The band members have been compared to four unusual gears that, despite all logic, somehow fit together and work in harmony. Four quirky characters, armed each with individual talents that are brought forward on stage, the music is both easy on the ears and energetic on the feet. Acoustic guitars and bass layer up a distinguishable wall of sound, whilst electric guitars and keyboards sly in extra melodies and dimensions of music. Vocalists switch roles mid-set and mid-song to keep the atmosphere fresh and interesting. Finally, beatboxing punches through clearly, without smothering the music in a cantankerous mess like some drum-kits do. Best enjoyed with a tall glass of perspective.



In early 2012, singer-songwriter Phil Romeo took a break from various rock and function bands to return to his acoustic roots. With the addition of Benjamin Patterson on guitar, the duo soon found themselves jamming with Michael Bradshaw, a talented local beatboxer. After several successful performances under the name SPACEGOAT, the band recruited Gregg Dadson, a bass player and old friend of Ben’s. Within a couple of months the band had pulled together a few demos, hit the road and found themselves on Milton Keynes based “Wake the Nation” radio.

2013 took the boys to Florida. For a two week period the boys learnt the finer arts of house-sharing without a single casualty (but many a shenanigan). Returning to the less sunny regions of England saw the return of song-writing, live gigs and fine tuning a newly developed sound. By September the band decided to hit the glamorous studio of Phil’s kitchen and self produced the album “Gravity”.



Why not? There are many rumours in circulation as to the origins of such a band name. Some stories suggest the lead singer used to own a pet goat and possess a love for all things cosmic. Some tales imply that the lead guitarist may in fact be part goat. A common theory is the band believed they had taken the name SCAPEGOAT, but an unfortunate typo left them with the name now seen today. The common consensus however is simply that the band took a large number of words, placed them in a hat- threw the hat away and somehow decided SPACEGOAT was the best way to be taken as serious musicians.

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