Generic Update 823528!

The number may be an exaggeration. On with the news! For those of you who live in England and lack any form of window: it’s snowing outside. I thought you might like to know, you can thank me later. I find out myself after being told by the general population of facebook, because clearly I was none the wiser, so I am simply returning the favour.

Tonight we return to The Stirrup Cup in Barton Seagrave! The pub, as I recall, is somewhat like a Tardis inside. It’s definitely a lot bigger inside than you may be expecting when you step through the front doors. I suggest anyone planning to go heads there early to claim the overly comfortable sofas at the back, I nearly fell asleep on them before our set last time we were there.

Our following gig may or may not be at The Artichoke in Moulton, however we are still waiting on confirmation I believe. It’s entirely possible that we have received confirmation and no-one decided to tell me. I suggest you simply turn up on February the 2nd and pretend we’re playing regardless of whether we’re there or not, yelling “SPACEGOAT!” at complete strangers.

Sadly, at the end of February, we will be saying goodbye to Gill and Steph at The Plough in Langford. It has been a not-so-local pub for some of us for a few years, we’ve put on gigs, we’ve put on jams and open mic nights and I’ve even worked there as a barman on occasion. February 22nd promises to be a great leaving party in a sort of open mic, open jam, gig, disco party extravaganza shindig. Feel free to turn up, with or without instruments and enjoy the ride.

The next day we’ll finally be hitting the studio for the weekend. We have two whole days to record our 6 track album, which we have yet to name, in Redemption Studios. We have complete faith in the quality of the final outcome- who wouldn’t be, knowing it’ll be in the hands of Ray Paul Lloyd: frontman of All Star Zero and sound engineer from both Redemption Studios and once upon a time Livewire (I believe). Keep an eye on our updates for studio diary clips and news. – Phil.

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