Siobhanathon and 2013

Over the festive season surrounding the mysterious yet world changing events relating to the birth of a certain saviour, we have managed to squeeze a handful of gigs in between eating and drinking a year’s worth of food and beer.

On christmas eve we were treated to a feast of seasonal snacks and drinks by Nic, a good friend to the band. We “repayed” her by invading her living room and using it as a practice space, making a whole lot of mess and noise in the process. That evening we played at the Flag in Watford, but unfortunately the crowd were drinking in the other part of the building! But Monkeyboy promotions got beer in for the bands and slaved over our sound. These things simply happen! We were gutted that we couldn’t stay for the Manowar tribute band though. Kill with power!

Friday the 28th we returned to NB’s Nightclub in Northampton. It’s a great looking place to gig in, like the interior of a castle or cathedral with caves and gargoyles, epic chandeliers and obscure fish tank windows into drinking rooms fit for a gentlemen with a pipe. Unfortunately there was some confusion with when we were supposed to play, and we had to cut our set short right as the venue began to fill up as a DJ was booked. Curses. Especially awkward when people are asking you to play more!

Right now however, we’re vegetating on a couch with a couple of Budweisers at The Enigma Tavern in Bletchley, listening to All Star Zero play. Tonight is Siobhanathon, an event to raise money for a touching cause, local to us. I suggest you check it out on facebook to find out more. Our earlier set was almost cut short, had it not been for Ray from All Star playing guitar tech for us mid-song to fix a classic problem- the broken string.

We have no more gigs booked for 2012, a quick check of our history page suggests that since Michael and I first jammed a barely rehearsed set in May under the spontaneous name ‘Spacegoat’, we have played a total of 56 gigs. That’s not bad for just over 6 months! Someone do the math. Just under 10 a month I believe. I’m not really good at thinking. What else have we done in that time? We completed our line up to the four piece we are now, experimented with our sound and finally feel like we now know what direction we want to trot. Like a goat. Although a Spacegoat likely just floats.

So what can you expect in 2013? Hopefully a lot more right off the bat. We’ve negotiated recording a 6 track album in February at Redemption Studios, Bedford. In March the band are taking some time off to go on holiday in Florida! And we’ll be investigating some sort of photo shoots and all that jazz. But we’ll keep the rest quiet until we have something more solid to release.

That’s all for now Happy New Year! – Phil, Michael, Ben and Gregg.

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