Bedford Oxjam 2012 and Rock’o’ween.

There is always something rewarding about performing at a charity event or festival and knowing that you’re putting your music to a greater use. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to play at Bedford’s Oxjam festival, one of the many UK based events through October that raises funds for Oxfam. On October 27th, we head over to Bedford Esquires- a venue I feel very much at home in. Amongst our own set, and several other bands throughout the stages of the building, there were open mic/jams, games and even a bake sale. Imagine if every gig was like that! Proudly sporting our pink wrist-bands we made our way upstairs to watch All Star Zero, who we were booked to play at another venue later that evening.

Real men wear pink. Can you guess who’s who?

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay all night, we had another booking to get to. Hopping back in our collective cars we zipped over to Biggleswade for a Halloween based gig at the Rose. This was a first time in a new venue for us, but fortunately we had a warm response from a mix of zombies and vampires. After our hour long set, we sat back and watched All Star Zero finish the evening off with their own epic (and loud, very loud) display. All of us except for Ben it would seem, who had to fill in as their drummer for the evening after only two practices!

Wish I’d of had more time to get a costume sorted this year though. Hopefully some pictures of the gig will surface soon, if they do I’ll post them on our photo page. Tata. – Phil.

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