Life, Soul and the See-Ho.

Playing at Life and Soul in Club 85 was both an evening of great, diverse music and a humanly satisfying experience in regards to a charity that works to save lives on a daily basis. Unfortunately I had to make a somewhat late appearence after work. From the word go we were treated to some classic reggae, an amazing soul singer, our own opportunity to play to a great crowd before a moving speech and vocal choir of gospel and pop. Lovely stuff! I’d of gone even if our band wasn’t playing.

Life and Soul 2012 at Club 85.

24 hours later we were stuck on the M25 road from Hitchin to Kent waiting for an accident to clear. That somewhat diminished good moods from the previous night until we reached the See-Ho pub and played to a great crowd of enthusiastic people. Plus, they have an awesome tiny dog. Her name is Kevin! She also knows how to high-five. Awesome.

We managed to sneak a practice in around everyone’s crazy work schedules and should be ready to play more of our original material and a few fresh covers very soon.

Some of our newer originals may sound different to the rough demo recordings, this is due to them being recorded by just myself and Mic. The live renditions (and E.P) will be much better anyway. Aww yeah. – Phil.

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