Moar Gigs!

We had our first gig in Northampton last Tuesday (6th October), at NB’s Club. I’d heard the place was a sports and nightclub; so you can imagine my surprise when we finally found the place was an underground haven full of gargoyles, stone masonry and awesome fish-tank backbars. Epic. Wildfire Sessions provided us, as always, with an evening of great music- this time in the form of acoustic singer-songwriters. After a sneaky McDonalds visit and a few beers (half price!), we played our first set in Northampton.

Wildfire Sessions then told us that NB’s wanted us to come back and play a full gig on a Friday night sometime. Yay!

Bar Absolute hosted us again on Thursday evening, this time we brought along CopaBacana and Boo Sells to fill out the evening with an eclectic mix of music. The atmosphere was as energetic as always, rounding off with a mish-mash jam session to finish off the evening. Sad you missed it? Be sure to keep an ear out for future evenings there with other guest appearances.

Open Mic Night at the Bell in Cotton End! It’s always a bit of a shame when other musicians turn up- not because you have to perform for longer, but because we really enjoy listening to local talents. Fortunately a local singer hopped on stage with us for a few rounds of Chuck Berry and Oasis. Gregg even played us a few classical numbers on an acoustic, which is always surprising from a bassist. Don’t tell him I said that. – Phil.

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