The Lion, the Bridge and … the coffee.

We had a great time as a band this weekend. From the word go, Friday night’s open mic at the Bridge in Shefford had us performing alongside a mix of talents. Whilst these performers varied in taste, age and sound- they all shared a level of musicianship to make the evening enjoyable from the word go.

And we played as well. Yay.

The Red Lion in Biggleswade accommodated the band on Saturday night; something we’d been looking forward to for a long time now. A handful of pubs around the Bedfordshire area have been responsible for our early jam sessions prior to becoming a full band- returning as a full unit always brings a certain level of satisfaction. Especially when the crowd welcome you ‘home’!

So why have the updates slowed down?

I’ve got a full time job now at a new Costa Coffee opening in Bedford- meaning there’s a lot of extra work to be done until we’ve all settled in and all that jazz. The band hasn’t had to slow down because of this, but staring at facebook all day is no longer an option. (Thank god).

– Phil.

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