Redemption Studios, Bedford.

Good news everyone!

Our friends “All Star Zero” have finally been able to move into their new studio at Bedford. What does this mean? It means I’ll likely be ‘volunteered’ to help with general labour as they set up shop. Painting, decorating, carrying things and generally offering a helping hand here and there to speed this transitional period along. Once it’s done, SPACEGOAT will be hitting it up and bringing you a studio version of “The One That Got Away”. After that? I’m not sure anyone really knows just what chaos might end up produced from a studio with both bands locked in for a while. A small album is expected perhaps towards the end of the year, and there’s likely to be some madness occurring in the form of collaborative recordings with other musicians.

Until then, are you in a band? Are you looking for rehearsal rooms in Bedford? Looking to get yourselves recorded for a quick demo or polished product? Perhaps just after some lessons in your instrument? Keep an ear out for Redemption Studios, opening soon in Bedford. Plug plug. It’s not even my business.

– Phil.

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