The Bell, Cotton End.

25th August, 2012.
So there we are, staring down the barrel of a three-day weekend of gigs. Saturday morning, it’s suspiciously warm for Britain. We were making preparations to host a mini-music festival at a local pub in Cotton End, the Bell. We needed more than a car. We needed a band wagon.

The Band Wagon, playing Tetris with speakers.

Fortunately it turns out we know someone with just the vehicle. In the early hours of Saturday morning we slipped away and aquired ourselves a band wagon for the weekend. Following was more or less and obscure game of Tetris, trying to wedge our various instruments and pieces of P.A equipment into the back of the vehicle. And to think they once told us that those hours of playing Gameboy were wasted!

The day itself consisted mostly of running back and forth around a fence. The entrance to the stage was one side, and the gate to the fence was inconveniently on the opposite side- a short-sighted decision on our behalf no doubt. With blotches of clouds and passing showers of rain, it was hard to tell whether or not anyone would even show up! But sure enough, the clouds eventually parted long enough for a sunny afternoon. The pub’s garden slowly filled into a festival of it’s own right. Bands ranged from acoustic solo acts to full on rock covers bands. There was even a child wandering around with a guitar and trying to join in. I later found out his dad was in one of the bands on stage, how’s that for following in his footsteps?

The Bell “Music Fest 2012”, Cotton End.

The day remained almost spring-like, warm in the sun yet with the occasional mini-shower. Fortunately most of the bands playing were self-sufficient in their sound on stage, meaning the desk didn’t demand constant attention throughout the sets. After discovering SPACEGOAT wasn’t going to be playing until much, much later than we anticipated, we came to the unanimous decision to grab a few beers and fall asleep to the sweet, sweet sounds of music. We even had an elegant caterpillar, a good friend of mine who decided a sleeping-bag was the best way to enjoy the day- often worming around to the amusement of everyone. Unfortunately, we ended up playing right at the end of the evening when most of the crowd had gone home. It was also really, really dark. But that was kind of cool. I felt like Batman.

I’m Batman.

You can see a mix of clips from the entire weekend in the video below! Yes, that includes the caterpillar. – Phil.

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